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What is Conscience? a cautionary tale

January 2, 2007

Maguire CoverThis book will guide you to link your innermost self with the Creator and help you discover your own sense of conscience.


theologian – historian – writer
Conscience: a cautionary tale? ad tuendam fidem presents an analysis of the inner nature of moral conscience in terms of Thomas Aquinas’ insights into the metaphysics of existence: in the process it indicates how and why inevitably, there must be a tension between the demands of personal conscience and any attempt by the Magisterium of the Church to present an “objective” statement of moral propositions applicable to every situation; an epilogue contains a commentary on Pope John Paul II’s most recent encyclical, Fides et Ratio.

Review by Br Brian Grenier, CFC

Extracts from the book


Faith Beyond Resentment:Fragments Catholic and Gay

January 2, 2007

James Alison

London: DLT, 2001 (ISBN 0232524114) & New York: Crossroad, 2001 (ISBN 0824519221).


‘spluttering up the beach to Nineveh…’ – a chapter from the book

Rowan Williams’ review

The publisher wrote:
A stunningly original re-imagining of the Catholic faith by one of the most lucid and exciting theologians writing in English today. Widely acclaimed for his work examining the fundamental themes in Catholic theology, in Faith Beyond Resentment James Alison offers an account of Christianity that is moving, liberating, and deeply personal, yet rooted in Catholic tradition.

This is not a book of gay theology but, much more daringly, of Catholic theology from a gay perspective, addressing both those who are not gay and those who are not Catholic, “people of whatever background negotiating the world of faith in the time of the collapsing closet”.

From James Alison Web 

Sacrifice, Law and the Catholic Faith: is secularity really the enemy? – The Tablet Lecture 2006.

Wrath and the Gay Question – James’ Baltimore (USA) October 2006 talk is available for purchase on CD from the Mount Saint Agnes Theological Center for Women.

You are not That Important

January 2, 2007

Book Cover

Dizdar, Drasko (Author Info)

$8.95ISBN 1876295988

Drasko Dizdar lives an eremitical life which would seem to isolate him from the issues that absorb the world of 14 year olds. However his hermitage became a refuge for a young boy called Luke and out of this graced encounter has come a small book of wisdom for men and boys.In a Church and community rocked by the sexual abuse of minors the role of male mentors is one we must reclaim and restore to its rightful place in our global village. This book points to the vitality and power of mentors for young men.

In 32 pages Drasko shares the lessons of life that have been handed on to him. These lessons are presented as challenging grabs (from Richard Rohr): Life is hard, You are going to die, You are not that important, You are not in control, Your life is not about you.

As well as the wisdom of the text, this book speaks of the power of relationship and the responsibility older men share for the development of younger men.

Drasko Dizdar will be known to readers for his presentation (in Brisbane, Australia – Ed.) during the 2005 Jesuit Lenten Seminars, ‘Honesty Matters’. This book is an honest statement of what it means to be a man. It deserves a wide readership not only by fathers and sons but also by those who find themselves mentoring young men.

My first copy is going to my nephew who turns 14 next month and a second copy to a young neighbour who turned 21 this weekend and recently asked me to help him deal with issues of grief and anger in his life.

– Mr Tony Robertson