Dorothy McRae-McMahon

Dorothy McRae mcMahonThe day Rev Dr Dorothy McRae McMahon acknowledged the reality of her sexuality was the day she felt whole and integrated for the first time in her life.

“I had an unutterable experience of the grace of God,” the Assembly’s Director of Mission said. “I experienced affirmation of my creation.”

Dorothy says from that moment on she became a radical evangelical and her ministry (which was “OK” until then) was richly blessed and it flourished in abundance. “I knew and continue to know an overflowing thanksgiving and grace.” (read more)

Singing a New Song in a Strange Land

The Opening Address by Rev Dr Dorothy McRae-McMahon, to the Third Biennial Conference of the Uniting Network, Re-imagining Love: Embracing Our Strength – Daring 98 Gathering

‘What Price Bigotry? Undermining the rich foundation of Humanity’


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